Philips/HP 21311A S3 Ultrasound Transducer Probe Tail plug cable cut

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Philips/HP 21311A S3 Ultrasound Probe for Sale || USED

Discover the Philips/HP 21311A S3 Ultrasound Transducer Probe – a reliable solution for medical diagnostics when precision is paramount.

Condition: This item is sold for parts and is not in full operational condition. It may have defects that make it challenging to use or may require repair or service. Some essential components may also be missing.

Seller Notes: The tail plug cable of this probe is cut, detailing its specific condition and limitations.

Brand: Philips – a name synonymous with quality and innovation in medical equipment.

Model: The 21311A model is designed for compatibility with a range of ultrasound systems.

Please contact us for comprehensive details regarding the item's condition and the components included. Make an informed purchase decision for your diagnostic imaging needs.

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