ECO-17Vet High end Small Animal Color Doppler Ultrasound with Micro Convex Probe

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ECO-17Vet High end Small Animal Color Doppler Ultrasound with Micro Convex Probe

High quality laptop Ultrasound

ECO17Vet High end  with Top image quality.



· High quality image performance.

· B/C/D Real-time Three Synchronous Imaging.

· Abundant measurement and analysis functions.

· Real-time 3D Imaging.



1. Highly integrated hardware module with a lightweight body taking into account high-quality images, which provides great convenience for diagnosis.

2. Excellent image processing functions, including spectral pulse Doppler, directional energy Doppler, spatial composite imaging, and tissue harmonic imaging technology.

3. Support real-time three-dimensional imaging function, the maximum number of focal points is 6 focal points, frame correlation is 0-4 levels, trapezoidal imaging function, multi-beam parallel processing, etc.

4. Lightweight body and high quality images, built-in high-capacity lithium battery, support real-time three-dimensional imaging function.

5. Intelligent operation process and friendly interaction and other features.

6. The application range is very wide, including universities, research institutions on the rat heart and cranial, vascular blood flow, tumor detection, thrombus detection; experimental institutions on the rabbit blood vessel detection, real-time detection of blood flow, heart function, rabbit tumor detection; widely used in pet hospitals, pet clinics, pet stores, zoos, abdominal organs, superficial organs, heart, blood flow effects, etc.; fish The technology of checking fish roe/white/bubble/gonad, etc., for sturgeon egg size, fullness and egg quality control.

Ultrasound Scanner Operation System:Windows8

Spectral Pulse Doppler

Directional Energy Doppler

Real-time Triplex

Spatial Compound Imaging

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

2B/4B Imaging Mode

System language: Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish

Monitor: ≥ 15 inches

Integrated clipboard: display the saved images at the bottom of the screen, can be directly saved or deleted

System upgrade function

Preset conditions: for different inspections, preset inspection conditions to optimize the image, reduce the operation of the adjustment, commonly required external adjustment and combination adjustment

Support real-time three-dimensional imaging function

Probe connector ≥ 1

Trapezoidal imaging function

One key intelligent optimization function


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