The New Sonoscape A6 Ultrasound Machine


With the rise of new ailments especially in the internal organs of the body, there was the urgent need to come up with a machine that would aid in the detection of the possible internal organ failure. With the invention of the SonoScape A6 ultrasound machine, an imaging black and white portable ultrasound machine designed for the internal body diagnosis, it has been integrated with a lot of ergonomic designs to make it easy-to-use and tremendous for analysis to such diseases. This machine being small and portable may appear cheap when it comes to imaging but this is not the case. It consists of a solid imaging performance in other words a premium image quality which is comparable to hi-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems.

Based on the new software, this machine offers wide range of application packages and can be individualized to every user’s specific needs. Some of the application where this ultrasound device best suit includes; in the MSK or the musculoskeletal diagnosis which involves diagnosing the joint, muscles, nerves, tendons; Urology, a branch of medicine which focuses on the disorders within the male or female urinary tract system such as the ureters, urethra, urinary bladder; Abdominal sonography involving the parts of the body which contains all the structures between the chest and the pelvis such as the stomach, within the belly; OB/GYN or the obstetrics and gynecology and this involves the diagnosis of the expectant mothers and the condition and position of the unborn; and in the veterinary, the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and prevention of ailment, disorder and injury in animals.

The SonoScape A6 ultrasound machine has some magnificent features that enable it combine extraordinary performance with unbeatable value. Some of these features include a 12-inch LCD screen that has the ability to tilt at an angle of 30 degrees, a THI or the Tissue Harmonics Imaging, which is available in human and veterinary versions with a large range of examinations available, it is also completely digital as it consists of a 1gb internal flash storage, 2 USB ports, a Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging, an internal battery capable to last up to 3 hours, an Ethernet port for networking. It also comprises of 8 x TGC/STC Sliders, Automatic image optimization, panoramic zoom, and 1000 frame image archive.