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With the advancement in technology, the complex and bigger machines have been replaced by more compact and upgraded ones. Nowadays, most of the physicians prefer portable ultrasound machines. A portable ultrasound is lighter and smaller than the usual diagnostic machines used in hospitals. The first portable ultrasound arrived in the 1980s, and then the battery powered ones arrived in late 1990s. Portable ultrasound device is very easy to use and can be carried at the time of emergency to remote places, which makes it an effective machine.

Portable Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds are used for diagnostic purposes, and it a very easy and safe way to diagnose the pet's disorders. As these devices are battery operated and small in size, they can easily be carried and are useful for veterinarians going into remote areas where they may not find a power source. With portable ultrasound devices, examining the body becomes easier which in turn helps in a more accurate treatment. It can be used to capture size, structure, and any pathological lesions in the body. It can also be used for the scanning of obstetric, cardiac, renal, hepatic (liver) and gallbladder. Ultrasound is also increasingly being used in trauma and first aid cases by EMT response teams. Ultrasound is also used in some medical procedures such as amniocentesis to guide the doctor while he or she works. One huge advantage of ultrasound beyond its relative safety is its ability to reflect real-time activity in the body. Using ultrasound, a doctor can see how the structures of the body move, a big improvement over static medical imaging such as x-rays, which only captures a single image at a given moment.

Ultrasound machines use the same technique of sonar which was developed for ships at the sea. The process begins with a machine called a transducer. The machine, when placed over the belly, emits sound waves which bounce back and are then analyzed by a computer within the machine which are transformed into moving images. The result is an accurate depiction of organs, muscles, and joints.

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