The advent of the ultrasound machines has made it easy for doctors and vets to image their patient's body without making an incision. With the help of these machines, doctors are able to diagnose problems and the functioning of one or more internal organs of the body. Color Doppler Ultrasound machines are slowly becoming a fairly common sight within the clinics and offices of veterinarians, technicians and doctors. They are obtainable both in stores as well as online shops. But, as there are varieties of ultrasound scanners available, it can be a challenge to select the exact one that suits you.

The Color Doppler ultrasound technology allows blood flow to be seen in the image processing. A regular traditional monochrome ultrasound machine does not have this advanced quality which is present in the Color Doppler ultrasounds. Moreover, they are the only type of ultrasound machine that is effective in evaluating blood flow. A technician trained in ultrasound imaging presses a small hand held device which is known as transducer against your skin to examine the problem in your body.

Any venous malformation like tumors and abnormalities in blood flow can be evaluated by the Color Doppler ultrasounds. The technology, though costly than the traditional ultrasounds, have become very popular nowadays. As they can determine the blood flow rate accurately, they have the ability to detect the interruptions or abnormalities associated with blockages, tumors and other conditions. This imaging is highly preferred by the patients as it is not painful and does not require sedatives. The ultrasound transducers beams sound into the area of interest and reads the returning sound. When the sound bounces off a moving target like a blood vessel, the pitch changes as a result of the Doppler effect. These transducers can detect very subtle pitch changes and record them visually, creating an image which shows where blood is flowing and in which direction.

Although the method for obtaining the velocity information is in many ways similar to the method for acquiring anatomical information, these machines are technically more demanding for a number of reasons. There are a number of companies that provide Color Doppler ultrasound machines for sale, but before buying them you must check the product thoroughly. You can also buy products from companies who have a good reputation in the market too.