Ultrasound Machine


In the medical industry, ultrasound refers to a diagnostic imaging technique that uses the application of high frequency sound to see the internal body structures such as muscles, tendons, joints, blood vessels and organs. The main aim of viewing the internal body organs using an ultrasound is to locate the source of a disease, evaluate symptoms, examine internal organs, check blood flow, determine abnormalities, and help in determining the correct medical procedures to be followed.

Evaluate symptoms

A primary use of an ultrasound is to evaluate the signs and symptoms of a disease or a medical condition. A physician usually uses the ultrasound machine to know the source of pain, swelling or any kind of infection. It can also be used to examine an abnormality or damage that may have occurred to an organ due to some illness or external causes.

Examine Internal Organs

The modern way of observing internal organs is by the use of an ultrasound. An examination of the abdominal area can be done using an ultrasound to show the condition of the internal organs such as the liver, the spleen, the pancreases, kidneys and the gallbladder. In addition, the state of the thyroid and parathyroid glands can be examined by using an ultrasound. At the same time, the anomalies of the testicles and the scrotum as a whole can be easily revealed, not forgetting the status of the uterus and ovaries. Considering that some of the uses of an ultrasound may involve reaching out to the patient; and since a portable machine can be quite costly, private doctors and medical practitioners usually opt for used Portable Ultrasounds for Sale.

Checking the Flow of Blood

Another common use of an ultrasound is to help the doctor evaluate the blood-flow in the vessels. This is normally done if the doctor suspects the existence of blood obstructions and frequent clotting of the blood. The occurrence of the narrowing of blood vessels due to the buildup of plaque can be observed using an ultrasound. It is also safe to study the heart using an ultrasound though a process called echocardiogram. All these procedures are done to enable the doctor or physician to make the most accurate diagnosis possible, and determine the next necessary step to take. The ultrasound technology can come in handy even outside medical facilities. To facilitate this, mobile medical practitioners can choose to get a Portable Ultrasound for Sale.

Determine Abnormalities

Ultrasound technology can also be employed to determine the existence of tumors or any congenital malformations. This will reveal any abnormalities in the tendons or muscles especially in the legs or arms.

Guide Procedures

During needle biopsies, an ultrasound is one of the methods used for guidance. Here, needles are used to draw out abnormal cells for sampling and testing. Similarly, an ultrasound is usually used to guide the process of a breast tissue biopsy. Therefore, the treatment of tumors and other forms of cancer can be facilitated by using an ultrasound to guide the procedure.

Considering all the above uses of scanners, it is evident that a Portable Ultrasound for Sale is an important machine that should be available in every health facility. Doctors and physicians can work better when they use an ultrasound machine to evaluate symptoms, examine internal organs, evaluate pregnancy, check the flow of blood, determine abnormalities and not forgetting its use to guide procedures.